Popup Factory is the first example of a live digital manufacturing facility. In collaboration with Marcelo Coelho Studio, we partnered to create over 500 custom wearables. The electronics were programmed onsite with visitors preferences to create instant social introductions on the floor of the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.

During the conference, we partnered with Seeed Studio to create a live manufacturing facility, framed within a working facility featuring 12 timed 3D printers. The factory created a product consisting of a customized enclosure, wireless circuit board and digital survey.

The dynamic opportunities offered by the adoption of 3D printing, generative design, and electronics prototyping hint at a future where mature products are completely custom and can be produced in hours. The potential for extremely specific, just-in-time manufacturing may increase the accessibility of product development, giving more creatives and individuals access to the means of production.

I wrote a medium article about the experience here.


PopUp Factory was created in collaboration with Marcello Coelho Studio, David Cranor and Jon Bruner. Support was provided by O'Reilly Media, ANT Wireless, Formlabs, Seeed Studio and Protolabs.